Amelie Lanier, Russia and Ukraine

European Part

  • Contemporary Moscow
  • Contemporary Moscow
  • Prerevolutionary Moscow
  • Sortavala – the town where the Kalevala started
  • The Moscow Underground
  • The Ring Line (Koltsovaya) – Part One
  • The Ring Line (Koltsovaya) – Part Two

The Black Sea coast

  • „New Russia“: Odessa and the Crimea
  • The Tartars
  • The Crimea as part of the Russian and Soviet Empires
  • Odessa

The Russian Orthodoxy

  • The Cyrillic script and the Old Church Slavonic language
  • The beginnings of the Russian church
  • State and Church
  • Greeks and Russians
  • The Russian Orthodox cross
  • The Icons
  • The “Raskol”



The conquest of Siberia started during the reign of Ivan IV. (the Terrible). About 1581 a large group of Don Cossacks set out across to Ural to submit the vast areas on the other side of the Ural, then known by the name of Jurga, to Russian rule. They were pursued to do so by the members of a (...)

The Far East


Vladivostok Vladivostok was founded in 1859 after the territory and its surroundings had been ceded to Russia by China in a set of treaties between 1858 and 1860. Those treaties enlarged Russia’s territory considerably and provided Russia with a port which from the very start had the objective (...)